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North Ogden, Utah, United States
I like long walk on a warm summer day on the beach and... gotcha. Happily Married Four wonderful kids and one little pooch. My favorite food is of course SEE Food. I would like to have a cabin one day in the forest with bullwinkle the moose and Joe Joe the juggling bear. I like the warm outdoors not the cold. I like to fish, hunt, and camp. Also, realized today (3/5/10) i'm proud of the way my dad and mom raised me.

Monday, August 1, 2011

My Grandpa Gerrard

My grandpa was a kind man. I don't think i have ever seen him angry. He was a teaser, loved to tease the grandkids. He loved camping, fishing, the great outdoors and hunting. My favorite memories of my grandpa were...

* He would do the belly dance.

* Sing a little jingle whenever i walked in the room.

* Dance with my dog Shelby when he would go out to my dad's house.

* Just the love filled the room when he was around.

I miss my grandpa he passed away just in July. He had sparkles in his eyes so he must have been a angel. (Chiara says). May we meet again.

Love Susie

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Little Scared Mother Bear

I was a little scared, Bailee in Moab without Mom. She went to Moab with her daddy, Bubba, Uncle Eric, Reily, and friends. I had to cut the cord that weekend. Chiara and I had a Girl Scout event to attend that weekend so i told Jesse he had to take Bailee and I would take Jimmy.

Bailee had such a blast in Moab, I was proud of her. She went down rocks like they were slides. Weeeeeeee... she wore a pair of shorts out in the rear. Her and her Bubba found lizards. I believe she had a blast. She came home in a red dirt shirt, a smile, and red dirt everywhere you can imagine.

Monday, June 27, 2011

For a good cause.

We all went to the hair cutting place together. But only three of us got hair cuts.

I talked Chiara into cutting her hair cause it will be so easy to take care of it during all of the GS camps she is going to be doing this summer. I was so very proud of her. He donated it to two different organizations. She also donated it in the rememberance of her Aunt Shannon and her Grandpa Gerrard, they both passed away with cancer.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thank the heavens now she's seven

Oh Chiara, I can remember the first thing the doctor said when you came into this world, "She's sunny side up. It is unusual for babies to be born face up."

We have had a wonderful seven years so far. Let's make more years to come beautiful and amazing.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Camping Memorial Weekend

I wanted to go camping for Memorial day weekend. By golly I did. I figured it would be in remembrance of my dad. He would probably be camping if he was here or in Wendover. Well I can't take the kids to Wendover. So we decided to go camping.

Where to Go?

Willard? Pineview? Locomotive Springs? Well we decided to go to Echo. There was one spot opened for the weekend. We packed up the kids and headed to Echo with the trailer.

The first night, was kinda hectic. Babies wouldn't sleep. Rain was pouring outside. Arguments began in the middle of the night. I love this one, "this is ridiculous...we should pack up right now and go home." The response was, " there is the car, go ahead and pick me up on Monday."

We made it through the night. We woke up to a little bit of snow on the little hills by us. The kids were well rested. We had a good time. Even if all six of us and the dog were trapped in the camper cause of the rain. Jesse Gaige was fishing most of the time. Of course he made friends. It was a great family bonding time.

Boys and Girls

As we were sitting on the porch yesterday Chiara tells Jesse and I, " Bubba needs your help." "Needs help? for what?"

"the love doctor?"


"He's really likes someone and he needs your help mom. You had dad fall in love with you maybe you can help bubba with his girl that he likes."

Too funny. The LOVE Doctor!!

Kids say the darnest things.

Where did the time go?

You all are probably wondering what... She blogged for a whole month and then nothing? Maybe there is a lot of material being gathered for the next blog days.

True to that i say.

But first of all I wanted to say that the blogging for a month was like having 4 kids all the time. Busy, busy, busy...constantly watching them before they get in trouble.

Let's see what did everyone miss in the month of May?

We have had dancers in the house. ( Love Jimmy, he is so funny).

* Celebrated birthdays

* one year anniversary for my dad

It was kind of a hard month for me. I miss my dad.

*My nephew got baptized.

and the best of all is blogged in another blog :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Another emergency broadcast breaking through

My poor chicken passed away tonight. I am so sad. :( She was doing so well after the huge dog attack last thursday. But for some reason she didn't make it after 4 days. She had a broken wing, something wrong with her leg, and a huge bald spot. She didn't get huddled down i guess with the other chickens and so she got real cold in the rainstorm. Ohhhhhhh... I curse our neighbors dog. It makes me so mad cause if that stupid dog didn't fight his way into my backyard, my chickens would be fine. It also make me mad that they haven't even came over and apologized about the one that he killed. What rude neighbors.

I will have to go and buy another one for myself. I was so excited when i got her. My friend Renee called it,"Susan." "We actually named it "Baby"cause she was so little. "Nobody puts Baby inthe corner."

Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 24 - Zodiac Sign and do you think it fits your personality

Scorpio Zodiac Sign, Scorpio Meaning Characteristics Personality: "SCORPIO SUN : Adventurous, bold, fearing thieves and robbers, reckless, cruel, stubborn, unprincipled, impulsive, idiotic, indolent, surgical skill, dexterous, military ability. Intense, passionate, brooding, magnetic; stubborn, unyielding, driven by emotions; stands up for self, usually covertly, manipulates power; understands deeper layers of the psyche beyond the ego, unable to communicate this well leading to misunderstandings; intrigued by the 'dark side' of life; the underground, people whose job involves going beneath surface appearances; sexuality, especially the transformative power of the orgasm; self-mastery, breaking free of illusory limitations, the Hero. General character: Scorpio is intense and powerful. Although you appear controlled and calm, you are emotional and energetic. Scorpios often have strong and penetrating eyes. They seem fun to be with socially, but some seem self-involved and withdrawn. You can recognize your special qualities and it requires self-control to prevent you from using them for bad reasons. In relationships, you can be passionate and overwhelming. You are also very sensitive and take almost every comment to heart. You discard friends when they start to bore you.

Does this sign fit me. Ummm... ask my husband. I would have to say yeppers.

Day 30 - A photo of you now

This picture was taken in the fall 2010.

Day 29 - Photos of personal things

All of you have seen pictures of my kids and husband throughout this blog month.

Day 28 - Favorite food

I would have to say my favorite food is Mexican. Yie, Yie, Ya Yie, Mexican Burritos, El Pastor street tacos, Mexican candy yum, yum, yum. Chili rellanos are very tasty Yie, Yie, Ya Yie. Ta da da. Olay!!

Day 27 - Something that facinates you and why?

PEOPLE facinate me actually. I am a people watcher. I can sit there and watch people for hours. I don't know why. It is just interesting what people do.

Day 26 - A bad habit you have

do i really have to say? If it was my husband answering this question it would probably be... "COMPLAINING" . You know I'm really not for sure except spending money. If you know the bad habit that i have let me know. :) I would love to know.

Day 25 - A deceased person that you wish you could talk to

I would actually love to talk with a couple people. I would love to talk with my dad of course, my step sister, grandpa garrison, and Jesus our Savior.