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Friday, March 11, 2011

Back To School March 9th for Susan

This week was kind of a normal week. Except I felt like Billy Madison on going back to school.on Wednesday I went to school with Jesse Gaige and sat in his class. The reason for this was cause Gaige was missing lots I mean lots of assignments. I wanted to see why he was missing these assignments. Well the day started off with, "oh my i have 15 minutes to get ready for school." i wanted to chase the kids out of the house yelling, "wait for me!" but, i didn't want school breakfast.
i hurry and drop the babes off at my friends and race off to school. i am late (barely). I go and get my hall pass to go to class. Oh my I am a little nervous so I walk slow to the sixth grade class. I arrive and and sit in the way back.
the teacher was explaining the new lesson on estimating fractions and I was in the dark until almost the last problem.then it finally clicked. Duuuummmmbbbb founded. Man, I need lessons on math. Math was my best subject until now. Holy mother gravy. i only stayed til lunch then i had to go and get my own lunch. Yummy street tacos.

I have a count on the war wounds going on in our home.

Girls 1

Boys 2 (one caused by a girl)

Bailee's war wound... who knows she was in the living room and then all of a sudden a cry blared out of the thicket. She came running into the kitchen. I didn't notice the war wound til later. But it was ok. It's on her nose.

Jimmy's war wound... Bailee being the big sister and Jimmy was in the way so she grabbed a plastic puppy dog toy and whacked him right by the eye. Oh boy. she got a little talking to . "she was sorry" she says with a grin.

Jesse Gaige's war wound...I asked him to take some cookies to a person that had bought them and he decided to ride his skateboard and whap... he fell down and hit his head on the concrete. Huge goose egg above his eye. Sorry no pics.

It's been pretty calm though. If anything changes trust me i will let you all know. :)

ok one more silly thing at our house is I asked Bailee "What should we do today?" I get this... hmmm...

Let me think. HA HA HA. Silly Bailee.

I sure have been blessed with this one. You know one of my relatives said that Bailee is the one that keeps me busy so i don't breakdown and have a melt down. Which i believe is true. Thanks Button, Mom love ya. :)
This was neat to see that our kids still go through some of the stuff we had to when we were in school. This is Chiara's. I'll have to find mine. And put up Gaige's too.

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