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North Ogden, Utah, United States
I like long walk on a warm summer day on the beach and... gotcha. Happily Married Four wonderful kids and one little pooch. My favorite food is of course SEE Food. I would like to have a cabin one day in the forest with bullwinkle the moose and Joe Joe the juggling bear. I like the warm outdoors not the cold. I like to fish, hunt, and camp. Also, realized today (3/5/10) i'm proud of the way my dad and mom raised me.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 1 - Introduce yourself

My Name is Susan Mae Western (I would love to put my maiden name in there somewhere). I am a young woman 34. I have been married for 12 year. I am a mother of four children and two of them keep me pretty busy on my toes. We were sealed as a family in October 2008 in Logan, UT. I have a dog that i rescued from the pound about four years ago and I just purchased 7 chickens (hopefully all hens). I am a little out going it all depends on where i am going and what i am doing. I like the outdoors in the spring and fall. I am a helpful person. My favorite colors is yellow and red, favorite number is 3 & 7 & 14, sports i love baseball, and i really want a cabin in the woods. Oh yeah my favorite things are moose, bears, and of course John Deere tractors (I wish i can have the one on 25th street that makes ice cream in my front yard. Or just one in my front yard period. I would sit on it day and night and wave at all my neighbors that pass my house). This should be a interesting blog month. All of my excitement of the two monkeys named Bailee and Jimmy will have to wait for May. Or if it is too exciting i will have post it.

Hope you all enjoy this month.

April Fools - Just joking i will do month blog thing.

Day 2-Your favorite movie

Day 3- A photo of you taken over ten years ago.

Day 4- A list of what you ate today

Day 5- A Youtube video that you think is funny

Day 6-List some of your favorite Blogs.

Day 7- Share your favorite recipe(s)

Day 8-A song from your childhood

Day 9- Provide pictures of five celebrity crushes.

Day 10- A photo that makes you sad

Day 11- Your favorite television program

Day 12- A photo that makes you happy

Day 13-Share one of your favorite tunes.

Day 14- face morphing

Day 15- favorite book

Day 16-Talents of yours

Day 17 - Favorite place to shop

Day 18- your favorite color

Day 19- A photo you took

Day 20- What you are craving right now.

Day 21- Your favorite quote

Day 22- some hobbies of yours

Day 23- a photo of your parents

Day 24- Zodiac sign and do you think it fits your personality

Day 25- A deceased person that you wish you could talk to

Day 26- a bad habit you have

Day 27- something that facinates you and why

Day 28- (It was missing so i will make up my own) Favorite food

Day 29- Photos of personal thing (pets, home, family, etc...)

Day 30- A photo of your right now

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