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Saturday, March 5, 2011

My March of Bailee and Jimmy

OK so i am taking friends advice and going to start a blog about the adventurous days i have with my two little ones.

March 1 - today went very well except Bailee being a bully to her Jimmy. pushing him down and making him cry. Man i think i should just nail the "Time Out" chair right to the wall. I would say we put her in the chair oh... 5 time within 15 min (Ten of those minutes was in the chair). Man, who is teaching her these thing of being a bully. I can just see it clearly now the first day of Kindergarten... oh wait a minute... let me rephrase that the first day of Pre-school," Mrs. Western, I think you need to sit and talk to Bailee about pushing all the little boys down and making them cry." "Well????? (Dumb founded on that part)"

March 2 - I think it was a good day. I can't remember if he did anything real bad or destructive. Besides being the bully again. But not as bad.

March 3 - Oh my let's celebrate... Bailee was actually good. But i did have some funny incidents this day. See i was up all night with Bailee and when we finally woke up again... 9:30am. i did my little workout and then i was tired. Blahhhh... so i thought i would lay down for just a minute. I was actually trying to get Little Jimmy to take a nap. But i actually took the little nap. But there was times when i was laying there i would rub and scratch Jimmy's back. Well i did that for a couple of times when all of a sudden i was rubbing his back and i felt a bare bum. Oh my NAP time is over. I opened my eyes out of shock and looked around like "What the?" Jimmy had no diaper on and he was laughing cause he took it off and threw it off the bed. Shaking my head and my eyes are bulging out of my head.
Also, Bailee Button comes downstairs to my room and says, "Mama, I ca ca"
"oh boy, where?"shocked out of my mind already. As she is trying to climb up onto my bed I'm frantically saying "not on my bed, not on my bed (let me remind you she has no diaper on either)!" I jump up pull her off my bed before she sits or plops down and take her upstairs to put her panties on and look for the turd bombs.
Oh what a poopy day!!

March 4 - As i run around the house trying to do dishes and pack to go to E-town to go and visit my mom. Bailee is coming up to me rubbing her head saying "Ouch mama, Ouch!" I'm wondering "what now?" She says "Come here" I go walking into the living room and there is poor Thomas the Trains wheels slowly running with a hair ball in it. Oh boy. I tell Bailee, "don't put that in your hair" Her comment is "Oh". I had to cut the hairball out of Thomas and just thought, "He's a cheap barber." I am just thankful she didn't put it in Jimmy's hair.
As i was doing the dishes Bailee found Chiara's chalk and wanted to go outside and i told her no not at this moment I'm a little busy. Well i turn my back for the second and there is Bailee and Jimmy coloring on my kitchen floor. Ohhhhhhhh!!!! i just grit my teeth and said' You're so lucky this mops up" of course jimmy and Bailee just did a little laughter.

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