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I like long walk on a warm summer day on the beach and... gotcha. Happily Married Four wonderful kids and one little pooch. My favorite food is of course SEE Food. I would like to have a cabin one day in the forest with bullwinkle the moose and Joe Joe the juggling bear. I like the warm outdoors not the cold. I like to fish, hunt, and camp. Also, realized today (3/5/10) i'm proud of the way my dad and mom raised me.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I want the daughter of the year award seriously!

March 5 - Well sitting on the dock of the bay... Just kidding. I am here in Evanston, WY. visiting my mom and delivering a few things. Well, I was up all night with the kiddos (Bailee and Jimmy). I got oh about 4 hours of sleep. i get up and get in the shower and i am trying to get ready to go into town to deliver a hearing aid for work when i hear grandma, "Chiara you know you need to put these things up honey. Bailee isn't aloud to have them. Look she's drawn on my floor with the crayons." I thought to myself, "Where's the camera?" But i couldn't run out at the time because i was just getting out of the shower and all i had was my birthday suit on (Yea that would have been a lovely sight). Well grandma got it all cleared up before i got out fully dressed.

I went into town and did my good deeds and i am glad the kids were good today.

Later on in the day...

I thought i was in New york at the Rockefeller Center. There was a huge ice sheet in my moms car port. (And this is were i need to be nominated to be daughter of the year). I had rigged the rain gutters on the roof of the covered deck so there wouldn't be any water going onto the deck.

Then i thought i would shovel up all of the ice that the car was parked on cause i had a still small voice in my head. You need to do something about this ice or someone is going to slip and fall and either bash their head on the concrete stairs or break their hip. Plus, i can just imagine my dad asking can you please do something about that? That's all we need is your mother falling on that ice and hurting herself.

Mom kept on telling me,"Honey you don't have to do it. I was going to sweep it up." Sweep it up? How can you sweep it up when the shop broom is stuck in the ice sheet? Plus again i can hear my dad saying, "I can only do so much up here in heaven to protect your mom. I need your help a little to take care of her." So being the good daughter that i am i put myself to work shoveling 2" thick ice off the concrete that is in the car port. So many things were going through my head like , "Were is the ice oger and we can probably go ice fishing when we are done. I wish i was Nancy Kerrigan so i can ice skate and not fall and hurt my tail bone. Holy ICE!" i did the best i could cause it was getting later and it was freezing again. But i worked my little monkey heart and my hands are killing me. i actually realized today I'm glad my mom and dad raised my the way they did (little Wyoming hick that can actually help out and a little tomboyish)Then when i was all done cause my hands are on fire and hurting, Buddy (my step sisters dog she had before she passed away) wanted me to throw his stick. I threw it oh 1 time!


  1. Awesome!!! You even put pictures in. I love it.

  2. You are AWESOME!! You Go Girl!! Love the pictures that are with your blog