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Monday, March 28, 2011

say hello to my little friend(s)

well I broke down again... I got each of the kids and myself some chickens. Chiara and gaige named them well theirs.







and George!

Lol just pulling your chicken legs. their true names are no name yet, no name yet, no name yet, no name yet, no name yet (although my friend Renee says I should name it after me cause of my crazy hair dos I had. That would be Kenny),

Reese's( Which is actually the Denny) and flicka ( George chick). there is a special story on flicka :)

see it is the chicken chiara picked (even the expensive one out of the bunch). Well we got the chickadees home and poor old (well I mean new) flicka plopped out of the box with it's eyes shut. I thought oh no is there a doctor in the house. Well being the mother hen that I am I gave the poor limp lifeless chick some TLC. Wrapping it in a paper towel so it wouldn't poop on me, and giving it a little water through a syringe. I made it a special bed out of a samoas cookie box thinking maybe the girl scout gods will come and heal our poor chickaroo. I thought maybe the poor chick would be alright. But folks the one and only true flicka chick passed away the next morning. It was lying in the cage lifeless so I picked it up and rubbed it a little bit and it opened it's eyes to me and said goodbye. I was a little sad but then I thought oh boy I gotta get a new chick before 3:20. One that was a little similar. So what did mom do ran to IFA and got another chick to replace the old one and play super hero mom. Plus I had to get my crazy haired chick. Chiara was so excited to see that her chick was alright.

Then there is gaige_" what happen to the chick mom?"

"I revived it :) "with a big grin on my face.

Gaige just shaked his head. I think he knows my secret but I played stupid.

a cute moment last night 3/28/11 bailee was sitting over by the chicken cage and she would try and feed them little pine shavings that we put in the cage and she has a favorite one. It's one of the cute yellow ones and she would stick her fingers in the cage and pet it's head and say don't be sad. Don't be sad. It was too stinking cute. There's the big one that would come over and peck her fingers and she would just giggle.

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