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I like long walk on a warm summer day on the beach and... gotcha. Happily Married Four wonderful kids and one little pooch. My favorite food is of course SEE Food. I would like to have a cabin one day in the forest with bullwinkle the moose and Joe Joe the juggling bear. I like the warm outdoors not the cold. I like to fish, hunt, and camp. Also, realized today (3/5/10) i'm proud of the way my dad and mom raised me.

Monday, March 28, 2011

the end of the month.

well so far this week is heading off slow. The babes are both sick. Bailee started out with croup and now I think it's A.) a common cold B.) sinus infection C.) full of piss and vinegar. You sure can tell when she starts to feel better... She's beating up the dog, not going to bed til wee hours of the night, and starting to act like ohhhh... Bailee. If it was savable and actually worth something, i think i can bottle a full quart of snot between Bailee and Jimmy. Gross. I am going to try and do a cute idea my sister-in-law got from a friend about a month of post about yourself In April. Sorry Jenny I'm gonna steal your idea. :) I don't know i have one more day to think on doing it. We shall see if i do it or not. It will be a surprise.

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