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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Week of the SMURF'S

On Tuesday, March 22, i was home with the babies and i decided to get in the shower thinking oh the babes will be in Chiara's room, making a mess. Well when i got out I can hear little pitter and patters upstairs in the bathroom. I thought to myself "Self what can they be doing?"

As i walk up the stairs i can hear a glass clank on the floor. "What in the world?" With a confused look on my face. thinking "Where did they get glass from? they are too small to get into the cupboard."

Well folks you will not believe what i came to around the corner of the fridge.

We shall call him "Clumsy Smurf". He does trip over his own two feet

And we shall call this one "Smurfette"

"Look at my hands and feet mom"

I called my friend Renee to see if she had any fingernail polish remover. thank goodness she did. I threw the kids in the tub so they wouldn't be in the way and to see if it would flake off. (the cheap kind will) Well this wasn't cheap kind i guess. As you can see Bailee wanted every last drop on her feet cause there is the perfect round circles on the top of her foot from her shaking the bottle on her foot.

Well We didn't get it all off the Smurfs but i did get it off my bathroom floor. I figured it will just have to wear off the kiddos.

When i got all done with that. Last but not least The Buttonnater went into Chiara's room and grabbed a marker and did another number on herself.


I think i will send them to the circus so they can entertain and not drive me crazy. Or maybe they can go to Vegas and try out for the Blue Man Group.

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